Our Story

We are
Lex and Ace

Lex and Ace is a family run store for cultural learning and play materials. The brand was founded with a passion to preserve languages and cultures and to equip children, young adults and parents alike with the best tools to enjoy the heritage of the Motherland.

Lex and Ace products are curated with the most recent pedagogical and social insights in mind to support the current generation and societal needs. Our products encourage pride in our beautiful cultures and our rich histories. We serve as teachers and reminders that our people, customs and traditions not only exist but are amazing!

Here at Lex and Ace, we are dedicated to the African growth story. We have sourced the best talents across the African continent and within the diaspora to bring us to where we are today.  We are committed to working with creatives of colour all over the world in our bid to one day become the one stop shop for diverse and inclusive games and toys globally.

Why choose us?

Lex and Ace is a family-run company specialising in cultural education. Our products provide the ultimate blend of cultural pride and educational value for socially conscious individuals seeking an equal and more balanced world for themselves and future generations to come.

Our products are created with love in every stage of the development cycle before arriving at your homes to be loved that little bit more by your family and friends. We are inspired by a future reality where our children’s children can feel empowered by their ancestral tongue and heritage.

Our ethos

If there is ever a company to truly believe in the worth of a strong community, it is Lex and Ace. We love our community and we love our children, for this reason, we are committed to creating opportunities and giving back to our people near and far.

We pledge to keep our customers informed on our social outreach every year.

Personal growth
Cultural impact on children
Community interest and growth

We are all about diversity and inclusion

At Lex and Ace, diversity and inclusion are at the very core of what we do and are the reasons why we exist. We are committed to building a workplace where every member of the team feels valued, respected and can truly be themselves.

We welcome, offer opportunities and celebrate all the beautiful factors that make both our colleagues and customers unique – race, ethnicity, age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, religion and socio-economic background.

Most importantly, we are always learning, refining and expanding our minds and company initiatives to ensure we continually show love, support and serve our communities the best way we can.